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If someone else's negligence leaves you or someone you love injured in an accident, addressing the matter via a personal injury claim is strongly recommended. In order to reach your fullest recovery, you need compensation that addresses your full range of physical, financial, and emotional damages, and the best way to accomplish this is with the professional legal counsel of an experienced Victorville personal injury attorney in your corner.


The Path Forward

Every accident that begets a personal injury claim follows its own course, but there are some first steps that apply across all such accidents, including:

Obtain the Medical Attention You Need

If you have been in an accident of any magnitude, you are well-advised to seek medical attention (even if you don’t think you were seriously injured). Further, if you are offered medical attention at the scene of the accident, you should accept it. The truth of the matter is that some serious injuries take their time when it comes to exhibiting symptoms, and waiting until you’re certain that you need medical care can leave you with a more serious injury that is more difficult to treat successfully.

Carefully Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Your doctor’s orders or instructions are intended to help you fully heal, and carefully following them helps you better protect not only your health (which is obviously critical) but also your personal injury claim. By taking your injuries seriously, you help demonstrate that the insurance company should take your personal injury claim seriously.

Consult with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury claims are complicated, but they are also important. You’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, and the path toward healing is as difficult as it is expensive. Working closely with a dedicated personal injury attorney is the best way to protect your rights and to help ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. The only way to know if you have a viable claim that is worth pursuing is by making that initial call, and because the claims process is often lengthy (and there are strict time limitations involved), you are well-advised to call that personal injury attorney sooner rather than later.

Leave the Insurance Company to Your Personal Injury Attorney

You have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, which means that you’ll be dealing with that person or entity’s insurance company. It’s important to note, however, that you aren’t required to provide the insurance representative with a statement, and you shouldn’t do so. Although it’s the insurance company’s job to compensate you for your damages, the insurance company is also a business that’s driven by profits, and it has many tools at its disposal to help it increase these profits. These tools can include denying claims outright, making early settlement offers that don’t address one’s complete damages, drawing the claims process out in the hopes of scaring off claimants, and many more. While you attend to the primary task of regaining your health, allow your practiced personal injury attorney to negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of your claim’s best possible outcome.

Yes, You Can Afford an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

You’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, and you’re facing considerable damages. While the best way to address your losses is by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney who will skillfully advocate for your rights and rightful compensation, affording such an attorney may seem beyond your means. After all, you’re facing both mounting medical costs and lost earnings. The fact is, however, that most reputable personal injury attorneys work on what is known as a contingency basis. This means that you owe nothing until your claim either settles or the court awards you compensation. In other words, if you receive neither settlement nor court award, you won’t owe your personal injury attorney anything, but if you are compensated for your damages, your attorney will take a prearranged percentage of that amount. As such, your personal injury attorney will shoulder the financial burden involved in bringing your most robust accident claim.


Your Claim Is Unlikely to Go to Court, but It May

No two personal injury claims are ever exactly alike, but the vast majority are settled out of court. If you have a strong case, the insurance company will likely be motivated to settle – rather than risk the jury’s judgment. If the insurance company offers you a settlement that adequately covers your full array of physical, financial, and emotional damages, settling is generally in your best interests. If the insurance company involved, however, isn’t even in the ballpark when it comes to a settlement offer, going to court may be your best option. Ultimately, this is a decision that only you and your personal injury attorney can make, but it’s important to build your case as if you were going to court, regardless. Your strongest claim is your strongest claim – whether, in the end, you settle or take the matter to court.

Your Damages

The damages you incur as a result of someone else’s negligence are likely to be extensive and can include:

Medical Costs – Your medical bills can range from services related to emergency care and transportation through surgery and hospitalization and on to treatment from doctors and specialists, rehabilitation, physical therapy, prescription medications, and much more.

Diminished Earnings – While you recover from your injuries, you'll likely face lost wages, and if your injuries are serious, you could face a future of diminished earnings.

Pain and Suffering – The physical and emotional pain and suffering you endure can be one of the most difficult components of this very difficult experience. Your pain and suffering can lead to both physical and emotional consequences that reverberate into your future.

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Victorville Personal Injury Attorney

If another person’s negligence leaves you injured in an accident, our resourceful personal injury attorneys in Victorville are here to help. Our impressive legal team takes great pride in helping clients like you recover fully on their damages, and we’re here for you, too.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact or call us today.


Our Clients Love Us

Jonathan has been great in getting my accident case settled and for more than I expected. They took care of everything for me so I didn't have to deal with any insurance agencies. Highly recommended.

Cynthia R.San Francisco, CA

Kash Legal Group . Jonathan and his team are the best. Never have I delt with such a professional, caring group. They kept in touch and informed me the whole journey. Eileen was so comforting to me. And I would MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS TEAM ..

Deanna S.Big Bear, CA

I am super satisfied with the job Kashani and his team had done for me after my car accident. They help me get all the attention I needed after accident plus got me a good compensation. They all are very pleasant and know what are doing, they are very professional and sharp . The group firm assisted me till make sure I was healed and make sure everything was paid by other insurance.

Felipe C.Riverside, CA

After my injury, I contacted Kash Legal in hopes of getting justice for what had happened to me. Kash Legal has helped me achieve that goal, and even during the COVID pandemic, they had always kept fighting and updating me on the case with extreme professionalism. Kash Legal changed my life for the better, and did a fantastic job doing so.

Justin J.Broken Arrow, OK


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