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Being injured by someone else’s negligence is never an easy matter. You not only face a difficult path ahead but must also contend with the reality that this setback was caused by someone else’s lack of care. Your first inclination may be to focus on regaining your health and stamina while the insurance company attends to compensating you for your losses, but this is unlikely to support your best interests. While you attend to regaining your health and recovering, a dedicated personal injury attorney will aggressively advocate for just compensation that addresses your emotional, physical, and financial damages in their entirety.


Accident Claims

No two personal injury claims ever look exactly alike, but some accidents are more common than others. At Kash Legal, we regularly work with clients injured in:

Traffic accidents (car and motorcycle)

Rideshare accidents (Uber and Lyft)

Accidents involving commercial vehicles (Truck and bus)

Slip and fall accidents

Premises liability claims

Construction work accidents

Serious accidents that cause catastrophic injuries (burns, paralysis, electrocution, and amputation)

Accidents that end in death (wrongful death claims)

Let’s take a closer look at each classification.

Traffic Accidents

When we get behind the wheel, we accept a tremendous responsibility to drive safely – this is the duty of care we owe others on the road. Negligent motorists fail to live up to this responsibility and are often the cause of dangerous traffic accidents. Driver negligence comes in a variety of forms that can include all of the following:

Distraction – Distracted drivers are a serious problem on our roads, and smartphone usage is the most prevalent and most deadly distraction of all.

Impairment – While we all recognize that getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is a terrible plan, many drivers refuse to stop. Impairment plays far too significant a role in far too many deadly traffic accidents.

Exhaustion – Exhaustion leaves motorists less alert and slower to respond, which means they are more likely to be involved in dangerous accidents.

Excess Speed – Excess speed makes traffic accidents not only more likely but also more dangerous. Motorists are responsible for moderating their speed in relation to the condition of the road (not just in response to the speed limit).

Aggression – Aggressive drivers are dangerous at any speed and take negligence to the next level.

Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare accidents add an additional layer of complications to traffic accidents. Rideshare drivers like those who drive for Uber and Lyft are generally attempting to make a living behind the wheel, but they aren’t professional drivers in any real sense. Although rideshare drivers need no special licensure or experience, they face many of the same complications that commercial drivers face, including frequent stops and starts, maneuvering through unknown areas, pulling in and out of traffic, and other dangerous driving tasks.

Accidents involving Commercial Vehicles

Accidents involving commercial vehicles like big rigs and buses are among the most dangerous traffic accidents. The sheer bulk, size, and weight of these machines make any ensuing accidents exceedingly dangerous – especially for the other motorists involved. Truck drivers and bus drivers are professional drivers, and they are guided by more careful restrictions related to safety and driver negligence. For example, the law has zero-tolerance for professional drivers who get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and there are exacting hours-of-service guidelines in place to help keep drowsy professional drivers off our highways and byways.


Slip and Falls and Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability claims partially refer to accidents caused by commercial property owners who fail to keep their restaurants, bars, stores, offices, and other kinds of businesses in reasonably safe repair that allows their patrons reasonably safe passage. The incidents that are frequently cited in premises liability claims are slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents are as common as they are dangerous, and they’re often caused by conditions such as the following:

Outdoor walkways that are cracked, uneven, slippery, or dangerously worn

Entryways that are uneven, have slippery, cracked, torn, or worn floor coverings, or are made slippery by tracked-in moisture and/or debris

Inadequate lighting

Poorly designed, constructed, or maintained staircases

Indoor walkways that are made slippery by spills or that incorporate tripping hazards such as crisscrossing cords or awkwardly placed displays

Commercial property owners and managers are responsible for employing a duty of care that reaches the standard that other reasonable property owners employ in similar situations.

Construction Work Accidents

Accidents on the job are common, and they can be extremely dangerous. Construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. It’s so dangerous, in fact, that there is a fatal four, the four life-threatening accidents that are most prevalent on the job, including:

Slip and Fall accidents, which are even more dangerous when they happen from heights, such as scaffolding, ladders, roofs, equipment, and structures

Accidents involving being struck by falling equipment, tools, machinery, or construction debris

Accidents involving being caught in between or in heavy construction machinery or products

Accidents involving electrocution

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries occupy a class of their own because they are injuries that typically preclude their victims from returning to work and earning a living. Catastrophic injuries like serious burns, electrocutions, paralysis, and amputations are life-altering injuries that can lead to a lifetime of evolving health and medical needs. The physical, financial, and emotional damages associated with these profound injuries can be difficult to overstate.

Wrongful Death Claims

When an accident ultimately leads to death, the injured party obviously can’t bring a personal injury case, but his or her survivors can do so on the decedent’s behalf. A wrongful death claim can’t return a family’s loved one to them, but it can help them move forward toward more complete healing.

You Need an Experienced Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney in Your Corner

The dedicated personal injury attorneys at Kash Legal Group in Sacramento have the experience, resources, and legal acumen to help uphold your rights and skillfully advocate for your rightful compensation. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us for more information today.


Our Clients Love Us

Jonathan has been great in getting my accident case settled and for more than I expected. They took care of everything for me so I didn't have to deal with any insurance agencies. Highly recommended.

Cynthia R.San Francisco, CA

Kash Legal Group . Jonathan and his team are the best. Never have I delt with such a professional, caring group. They kept in touch and informed me the whole journey. Eileen was so comforting to me. And I would MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS TEAM ..

Deanna S.Big Bear, CA

I am super satisfied with the job Kashani and his team had done for me after my car accident. They help me get all the attention I needed after accident plus got me a good compensation. They all are very pleasant and know what are doing, they are very professional and sharp . The group firm assisted me till make sure I was healed and make sure everything was paid by other insurance.

Felipe C.Riverside, CA

After my injury, I contacted Kash Legal in hopes of getting justice for what had happened to me. Kash Legal has helped me achieve that goal, and even during the COVID pandemic, they had always kept fighting and updating me on the case with extreme professionalism. Kash Legal changed my life for the better, and did a fantastic job doing so.

Justin J.Broken Arrow, OK


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