Truck Accidents

Traffic accidents are dangerous accidents, but truck accidents are the most dangerous of all. These massive vehicles are so much larger and heavier than the cars we drive that any ensuing accidents are almost destined to be extremely dangerous. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, don’t wait to consult with an experienced Los Angeles truck accident attorney.


Reviewing the Statistics

Truck accidents are as terrifying as they are life-threatening. Consider the following statistics shared by the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts:


Fatal truck accidents in 2018 were up one percent over 2017 and were up 51 percent over 2009 – with a total of 4,862 truck accident fatalities.


Injury-causing truck accidents in 2018 rose 5 percent over 2017 – with 112,000 injuries.


Trucks account for nine percent of all vehicle miles traveled and for nine percent of all vehicles that are involved in fatal traffic accidents. Only four percent of all registered vehicles, however, are trucks.

Negligence and Truck Accidents

When we think about truck accidents, we tend to focus on truck driver negligence, but there can be more to it than that. Consider all of the following:

Trucker Negligence – Truck drivers are naturally responsible for driving their rigs safely (in accordance with all the rules, regulations, and restrictions the industry is guided by). When truckers engage in negligent driving practices, it leaves everyone on our roads at increased risk of injury.

The Trucking Company – The trucking company shoulders a considerable share of the burden when it comes to liability.

The Truck Manufacturer – Truck manufacturers are responsible for building safe rigs that are based on safe designs.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Truck Driver Negligence

Truck driver negligence is generally considered in terms of the following classifications:


Distractions behind the wheel can prove deadly, and driving a truck safely requires careful attention to the task at hand. When a trucker’s attention is drawn away from the road ahead and from the traffic on that road, it can be all it takes to cause a life-threatening accident. Distractions are categorized as manual distractions that take a driver’s hand or hands off the wheel, visual distractions that divert a driver’s gaze, and cognitive distractions that capture a driver’s thoughts, and one of the only distractions to incorporate all three is texting. It takes about five seconds to read or send a text, and the thought of a truck driver taking his or her eyes off the road for that amount of time is truly terrifying.


When a motorist is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, it can affect muscle control (including a decrease in one’s ability to focus his or her eyes), can decrease inhibitions, can lead to poor judgment (such as getting behind the wheel in the first place), can cause cognitive impairment, and can decrease coordination. It’s a lot. Suffice to say that truck driver impairment is so dangerous that state and federal governments share a zero-tolerance stance.


Exhaustion clouds our ability to think straight, to make sound decisions, and to concentrate, and all of these effects make truck drivers less safe drivers. There are very careful hours-of-service restrictions on the books for truck drivers to help ensure that they aren’t exhausted behind the wheel.

Excess Speed

Speed plays a pivotal role in far too many serious accidents on our roadways, and this includes truck accidents. Truck drivers are responsible for adjusting their speed in relation to the condition of the road. While the speed limit applies when conditions are ideal, truckers must reduce their speed in accordance with the effects of inclement weather, the condition of the road, and/or any other factors that affect safe driving.

Truck driver negligence is a primary source of truck accidents, but there are other sources of negligence that can also play an important role.

The Trucking Company’s

Trucking companies send trucks out on our roads, and they shoulder significant responsibilities in the process, including:

The trucking company is responsible for hiring safe, experienced truck drivers and for not pushing them to work longer hours than is legally allowed.

The trucking company is responsible for hiring experienced truck mechanics, for providing them with the quality tools and parts they need to maintain the trucks in safe working order, and for implementing regularly scheduled truck maintenance.

The trucking company is responsible for maintaining a safe fleet of big rigs that is roadworthy.

The trucking company is responsible for implementing safe loading practices and for ensuring these loading practices are carefully followed (poorly loaded trucks make dangerous truck accidents more likely).

The trucking company has a serious job to do that it is responsible for taking seriously.

The Truck Manufacturer’s

Truck manufacturers are responsible for building safe rigs that are based on safe designs and that incorporate well-designed parts that are manufactured without defects. It’s a tall order, but when a truck is predicated on an unsafe design, has a manufacturing defect, or uses faulty parts, it can lead to a dangerous truck accident.

Your Damages

Truck accidents tend to be so serious that the associated damages are often immense and can include:

Medical Costs – These include bills for emergency services and extend to surgery and your hospital stay, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and beyond.

Lost Work A serious injury can lead to serious time lost on the job, which translates to lost earnings.

Pain and Suffering – Truck accidents are violent crashes that are closely associated with considerable physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Reach Out to an Experienced Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney Today

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s no time to take matters into your own hands. The formidable truck accident attorneys at Kash Legal Group in LA have the experience, commitment, and resources to help guide your claim toward a resolution that upholds your rights and supports your rightful compensation. Your case matters, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us for more information today.


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