Premises Liabilities

Premises liability law is an important area of law that addresses those dangerous accidents caused by the negligence of property owners and/or managers. When you enter a store, restaurant, medical facility, or any other business enterprise, the last thing on your mind is being injured in the process. Unfortunately, some entities who are responsible for maintaining properties in reasonably safe condition fail to meet this important standard, and dangerous accidents ensue. If a property owner’s negligence leaves you injured in a premises liability accident, seek the professional legal counsel of an experienced Los Angeles premises liability attorney today.


The Elements of a Premises Liability Claim

In order to bring a successful premises liability claim in the State of California, the following elements must be present:


The person or entity you consider at-fault was responsible for maintaining the property on which you were injured. For example, if you enter a restaurant, the restaurant owner and/or manager is responsible for maintaining it.


The property owner or manager negligently maintained or used the property. Property owners owe their guests a standard of care, which amounts to keeping the property in a reasonably safe condition and adequately warning guests regarding any lurking risks. Owners of commercial properties that are open for business, such as stores or restaurants, are responsible for a higher standard of care than are private property owners. Continuing with our example, if you slipped and fell on a spill in the middle of the restaurant’s foyer that the property owner knew about but failed to clean up or warn you about, he or she may have been negligent in his or her duty of care.


The property owner’s negligence caused you to be injured, such as in a slip and fall accident, and to suffer damages, such as medical expenses. Ultimately, the at-fault party’s negligence must have played a significant role in the injuries you suffered. This means – by way of our example – that you were injured when you slipped and fell on the spill in the restaurant and that you suffered financial, physical, and/or emotional damages as a result.

Premises liability claims can, naturally, become very complicated very quickly.

Slip and Fall Accidents

One of the most common categories of premises liability claims are slip and fall accidents, and these accidents are just as dangerous as they are common. From the moment you park in an establishment’s parking lot, then walk outside and into the business in question, you have the right to expect the premises to be reasonably maintained for your safe passage. There are, however, many common trouble spots that can lead to dangerous slip and fall accidents, including:

Poorly lit parking ramps

Outdoor walking surfaces that are cracked, uneven, buckled, or otherwise worn

Outdoor walking surfaces that are made slippery by debris and/or rain

Entrances that are uneven or require an unannounced step

Flooring that is naturally slippery or made slippery by tracked-in debris or spills

Flooring that is cracked, ripped, torn, bunched, poorly-secured, or otherwise worn

Poorly lit walkways and/or walkways with tripping hazards, such as loose cords, promotional products, or discarded items,

Staircases that are poorly designed, poorly crafted, and/or poorly lit

Stairs that are made of slippery flooring or are dangerously worn

The list could go on.

Other Kinds of Premises Liability Accidents

There’s more to premises liability claims than just slip and falls, and some common causes include:

Inadequate Security – Businesses are responsible for reasonably protecting their patrons from crimes perpetrated on the premises. If the business’s security system is lax and/or if inadequate lighting plays a role, the business may be held accountable for the damages you suffer.

Inadequate Maintenance – Maintenance plays an important role in keeping businesses safe for their patrons. A common example of dangerously inadequate maintenance is poorly maintained escalators and elevators that lead to serious injuries.

Poorly Maintained and/or Poorly Supervised Pools – Pools that are not carefully maintained and/or supervised can prove deadly. From slippery walkways to trapping hazards in the pool itself and on to inattentive or absent lifeguards, pools can be exceptionally dangerous, and establishments with pools must be hypervigilant in their efforts to protect visitors.

The Damages You Sustain

The damages sustained in a slip and fall accident – or any other kind of premises liability claim – can be extensive, including:

Your Medical Costs

The medical costs associated with a serious injury can mount quickly. For example, you may face expenses related to emergency care and transportation, surgery and follow-up care, treatment from doctors and specialists, rehabilitation, physical therapy, prescription medications, ongoing health care, and more.

Your Lost Earnings

If your injuries are serious, you can expect to be off work for a significant amount of time, which translates to a significant decrease in earnings. Depending upon your occupation and the kind of injuries you have sustained, you could be facing a decreased earning potential, which can have serious financial ramifications.

Pain and Suffering

Being physically injured is physically painful, but it can also lead to significant emotional pain and suffering that should not be overlooked. Coming to terms with the fact that someone else’s negligence caused you to be physically injured and to face the serious consequences you are facing can be very difficult to do.

In order to achieve your most robust recovery, you will need to directly address the full range of emotional, physical, and financial damages you’ve suffered.

Discuss Your Claim with a Resourceful Los Angeles Premises Liability Attorney Today

If a negligent property owner or manager causes you or someone you love to be injured, the accomplished premises liability attorneys at Kash Legal Group in LA are committed to harnessing their impressive experience and legal acumen in their determined legal efforts to help. Obtaining the compensation to which you’re entitled is paramount to your ability to reach your fullest recovery, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us for more information today.


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